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Safehomes – an irresistible way of protecting what you value the most


A Home Alarm System – Main Panel, Magnetic Contact, Remote Control and Hooter with battery back up for 8 hours. The system detects and alarms any intrusion that happens while you are at home or away from home. It also has a facility to connect to our Central Monitoring service in case of a medical emergency or any other emergency through the remote control)


IAlert – 24/7 Central Monitoring Service – (works 24 x 7 , 365 days a year. It is connected with the main panel via a telephone line. In case of an emergency or break in or fire, our executives contact the emergency numbers within minutes of getting an alarm)

Insurance against Theft Burglar and Fire. (Rs. 2 lakhs Insurance, )

Insurance against breakdown of electronic and electrical appliances. (Rs. 40000 insurance. Without depreciation. So if you claim Rs. 40000 during the year, you will receive Rs. 39750)

We are the first company globally to provide this package that too @ Rs. 9990.

Our value proposition is: We are the company that you can trust the most to protect what you value the most – Life and assets.


Product Categories
Burglar Alarm Systems for homes and shops
Video Door Phones for independent homes
Finger Print Locks
Personal Security Sensors
Multi Apartment Video Door Phones for Apartments
Beam Sensors
CCTV Surveillance SystemsInstall
Burglar Alarm System for Homes
Detects Intrusion
Detects Gas Leak
Remote Control
Free Insurance
1 Year Warranty
East to operate
24x7 Remote Monitoring
Burglar Alarm System for Homes

Motion Sensor
Senses unidentified movement in front of it


Gas Leak Sensor
Detects gas leak from LPG and CNG
Inbuilt hooter enables it to work independently


Magnetic Sensor

Detects intrusion from doors and windows

Burglar Alarm System for Homes

Main Control Panel

Brain of the system
Wirelessly connected to the sensors and hooter
Connected to i-alert 24x7


Remote Control
Used to arm and disarm the system
Distress button enables you call for help in case of emergency


Connected to the main panel
cts as a deterrent to whoever attempts to break in

Personal Sensors Product Range

Personal Anti-sleep Alarm


When the head droops –alarm starts
Light weight
Compact design
Safe and easy to use
Comfortable even with glasses

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Enables live viewing and recording of activities
Enables remote monitoring via broadband connection


Dome Cameras
Fixed iris dome cameras offer lazorsharp images


Digital Video Recorder
Records images for future reference
3 types of DVR’savailable 4 channel non networked
4 channel networked
9 channel networked
16 channel networked


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